How do our friends at Strategic Super make running your SMSF easy?

They are your first point of contact for anything related to your SMSF

Strategic Super are the friendly accounting team that loves working with you and your SMSF. They maintain the accounting records, provide tax advice, ensure your SMSF is complying, arrange an independent audit and much more! They are your SMSF accountants and tax advisors.

SMSF Specialists

Their team has dedicated SMSF Specialists that have years of SMSF experience and are accredited with the SSA designation from The SMSF Association. Have we mentioned they love SMSFs?

Tax Agents & Qualified Accountants

They are registered tax agents and qualified accountants. You know you are in good hands when it comes to tax and administration of your SMSF.

Other Accountants

You are free to select your own SMSF accountant. While we love Strategic Super, we are sure that there are other great SMSF accountants you could use.

Summary of Services

Remember that Ascendancy Planning is your friendly financial planning firm. We are here to provide you good practical financial advice.

Working together with Strategic Super, we are here to guide you through the establishment process and work with you with the ongoing management of your SMSF.

Together we are your SMSF team and you are in good hands.

SMSF Establishment Warning

If you decide to set up an SMSF, you are personally liable for all the decisions made by the fund – even if you get help from a professional or another member makes the decision.