Important Information About This Guide

It is important to understand that this guide is just that – a guide. You should not act on this guide or use the guide as advice. This guide has not taken your personal circumstances into consideration (how could it, it is only a guide, not a financial planner), so if you were to follow this guide you may be placing yourself in a worse financial position than you are now.

You need to seek independent financial advice from a licensed financial planner before commencing any investment strategy and especially if you are wanting to use your superannuation to invest.

Your Superannuation, Your Responsibility

Your super is your responsibility. This is regardless of whether you outsource the management and investment decisions (ie Australian Super) or take on the management and investment decisions yourself with a Self Managed Super Fund (SMSF).

The government has allowed large tax concessions for super with the expectation that as many Australians become self-funded (or as close as possible) and not reliant on the government pension in retirement years. In return for the tax concessions, there are strict rules for trustees and investment managers of superannuation.

You must understand the responsibility you will take on if you decide to directly manage your super. Do not take this on lightly. While you can and should engage professionals to assist you, remember that it’s your money and ultimately your responsibility.

Get The Right Advice

From the start of your superannuation and investment journey, it is imperative that you get the right advice from licensed professionals. The main types of advice are;

  • Accounting & Tax
  • SMSF Establishment
  • Ongoing SMSF management
  • Investment
  • Personal Insurance

Who is Ascendancy Planning?

Ascendancy Planning Pty Ltd is a boutique financial planning firm that is authorised by Bluewater Financial Advisors Pty Ltd AFSL 411846. Ascendancy Planning are authorised to provide advice in the following areas;

  • Superannuation
  • Self managed super (SMSF)
  • Managed funds
  • Direct equities
  • Direct property (as an asset class)
  • Personal insurance

We believe in providing practical financial advice to educated investors that assists them with advancing their financial future while understanding and mitigating the risks.

Who Is Strategic Super?

Strategic Super is our preferred SMSF accountant.

Ascendancy Group Pty Ltd trading as Strategic Super is a SMSF administration specialist firm. They have Certified Public Accountants, Chartered Accountants, SMSF Specialists (SSA) and registered Tax Agents as part of their SMSF team. Strategic Super is the administration for over 500 SMSFs, so should you choose Strategic Super to be your SMSF administration, you know you are in good hands.

Of course you are free to choose your own specialist SMSF accountant.

Who is SMSF Insurance Partners?

While we are licensed to give personal insurance advice, we have made the business decision to refer you to personal insurance experts.

SMSF Insurance Partners specialise in personal insurance for SMSF trustees. Sonny Lowe is the principal insurance advisor and comes with many years of experience. Sonny also sits on advisory boards to the insurance industry.

SMSF Insurance Partners can provide you with the following advice;

  • Personal Insurance

Generally, there are no fees charged to you for your insurance review. SMSF Insurance Partners are paid by the insurance company if you take on their recommendations.

SMSF Insurance Partners are Authorised Representatives of NEO Financial Solutions Pty Ltd AFSL 385845.

SMSF Insurance Partners Disclosure

If you choose to use SMSF Insurance Partners, Ascendancy Planning or Strategic Super may receive a referral fee, based on the commission’s SMSF Insurance Partners receive from the insurer. The amount of the referral fee will be disclosed to you prior to you taking your insurance.

Disclosure of ownership

Paul Searle is the director and ultimate owner of Ascendancy Planning. Paul Searle also is employed by Strategic Super and has an ownership interest in the firm.

How does this disclosure impact on my situation

If you receive advice from Ascendancy Planning and then choose to use Strategic Super for your SMSF administration then Paul Searle could receive a distribution of profits from Strategic Super.

Why are we disclosing ownership

Ascendancy Planning and Strategic Super have in place strict procedures and policies in place to ensure that regardless of who gives you advice or provides you with services, your best interests are met.

While we are confident that there are no conflicts with any advice provided, we have, in the interest of transparency brought this to your attention.